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A mal tiempo, buena cara. In bad times, a face held high.


(Photo) “Lazy teachers” aren’t the obstacle to improving education in this country. Lack of funding & resources, huge class sizes, segregation, budget cuts, and low pay & benefits ARE. loves teachers! 


So I am new to this whole teaching game and I am trying my best to learn everything I can during my summers when I pend most of my time reading, playing Battlefield 3, watching one-hour dramas on USA & TNT, and being on the internet. One of the things that I have discovered in my time being a lazy…


It’s well accepted amongst the scientific community that a deep cognitive reserve provides protection from aging and Alzheimers.

We came across this very interesting article in Time Magazine recently which we think would be of interest to the Euroasia community.

Some key points:


This should give you pause… 

I can’t resist a little grammar humor; it’s the teacher (nerd) in me. 

This is from a poster available for purchase from The Oatmeal.